Boatload of Crosswords

This page is addressed to the people who own a license for the Boatload of Crosswords application for Windows.

Replacement activation codes are no longer available

Boatload of Crosswords was discontinued in 2016, and the database and web pages pertaining to issuing replacement activation codes were dropped when the web site was overhauled and moved to a new server in 2018. This means that unfortunately, if you've replaced your computer, it isn't possible to get Boatload of Crosswords running and activated on your new computer. The same thing applies if you've become unable to use Boatload of Crosswords for any other reason, such as if Boatload of Crosswords got wiped out when you had your computer repaired.

Please consider using the free online puzzles

If you've become unable to use the Boatload of Crosswords application, please take a new look at Boatload Puzzles' free online crosswords. Several of the features that had been an advantage of Boatload of Crosswords over the online puzzles have recently been added to the online puzzles. And there are a couple features that have been recently added to the online puzzles that were never in Boatload of Crosswords. Recent new features of the online puzzles include: